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We are a New York City network of independent personal trainers.

Each personal trainer in our Manhattan, NY network has ten to twenty years of hands-on experience and is certified by at least one of the nationally recognized professional personal training certification organizations.

Having worked side-by-side with one another over many years, our personal trainers have come together because we share a deep sense of caring about our clients, are committed to helping them achieve their goals, and have demonstrated the ability to do so. Personal trainers are included in our network only after their work with clients is personally observed over a substantial period of time by another network personal trainer. Our personal trainers must demonstrate genuine concern for and undistracted attention to their clients, skill, knowledge, creativity, integrity, and devotion to professional excellence. All of our personal trainers are based in Manhattan, but may travel to other locations in the greater New York City, NYC metropolitan area, depending upon logistics.

The beauty of our network lies in our ability to provide the best possible personal trainer for you. No single personal trainer, regardless of skill, can be equally effective with all people. Like other professionals, personal trainers differ in skills, specialities, experiences, background and methods. And like all folks, personal trainers vary in temperament and personality. Our ranks, both male and female personal trainers, include former competitive bodybuilders, post-graduate exercise physiologists, aerobics and fitness instructors, physical education teachers and physical therapists.

Our personal trainers also have wide-ranging expertise and practical experience with special populations including seniors; pre-natal and post-partum women; people with HIV/AIDS and cancer; diabetics; cardiac, renal and stroke recoverers; and those recuperating from injury.

We work with men and women of all ages with varying fitness levels and goals. Our clientele include celebrities, competitive bodybuilders, white and blue collar workers, models, business executives, athletes, professionals, retired people, students, housewives, and all people seeking to improve their appearance, fitness and self-esteem. Whether you want to lose body fat and tone your body, body build serious muscle, recover from injury, or reclaim health and spunk -- we will help you do it. We get results.

We are not a referral service and there is no referral fee for finding a personal trainer for you.

Client's identities, information, records, and conversations with trainers are guarded in the strictest confidentiality by trainers in the Personal Trainers NYC network.

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