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Special Populations and Fitness/Exercise Links

Fitness issues, groups and sites related to seniors, pre-natal and post-partum women, people with HIV/AIDS or cancer, cardiac and renal patients, diabetics, people with other conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, etc.

Benefits of Diet, Supplements, and Exercise in HIV Care   

Community Research Initiative on AIDS

Exercise and HIV   

An article from Being Alive, March 1994 by Dr. Richard Cooper

HIV & AIDS Treatments, Symptoms, and Testing Information offers complete and easy-to-understand information on treating HIV & AIDS, including guided treatment lessons, info on AIDS treatments, symptoms, and testing information.


Bi Coastal training (NY and Colo) especially for non pro athletic types (Ironman ,Team in Training Oceanside wind training /altitude training Also tests :firefighter registered Dietitian available

Manbir Online - Exercise   

Information and articles on exercise and special populations

Personal Trainer Greg Mills   

Gay Male Personal Trainer I train at Steel Gym NYC, in clients private gyms, and in their homes. I will beat any reputable trainers rates.

Strictly Sugar Free Candy   

Strictly Sugar Free Candy offers a large selection of sugar free items for diabetics, or anyone looking to reduce their sugar or carbohydrate intake.

Tufts Nutrition Navigator-Special Dietary Needs   

Special Dietary Needs - A rating guide to nutrition websites for special populations

Water Exercise Technologies   

The only independent service provider of aquatic therapy in the Orlando area!

Water Exercise Technologies

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