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new ny personal training to help you lose fat, tone or build muscle by new york personal trainer in manhattan, nyc

We are a unique network of independent highly experienced certified personal trainers in New York City available to New York clients seeking a serious training regimen with a dedicated and knowledgeable trainer.

Once you contact us and provide some basic information, at no cost we will find you the personal trainer in our Manhattan New York network most suited to helping you achieve your goals.

Matched for your schedule and location, the trainer will work with you one-on-one in a designated gym in Mahattan New York or in your home. A customized bodyshaping program and diet plan will be designed and implemented with you including:

Diet and nutrition

Aerobic work for fat loss

Weight training

Cardiovascular conditioning


Injury rehabilitation

At no cost a new york city personal trainer will conduct a fitness evaluation and discuss nyc personal training and an individualized new york personal training regimen and personal training in manhattan

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